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LOA: 20.01m

LAUNCHED: First sail trials were in Denmark on the 12th April 2012

Whats in a name…. 

Katherine was named after the town in the Northern Territory we spent our first years together, raised our children and started our business. When the idea was formulated to build a world cruiser and shift our focus from land based to the water then the name became the obvious choice to us.

What were we thinking… 

031912 2 First shots of Katherines INterior 2

The Saloon

031912 3 First shots of Katherines INterior 3

The Galley

The Nav Station 

Some people may ask why an X65 for 2 people as a world cruiser but Andrew wanted a garage for the dinghy! After sailing for a couple of years on our X50 and a 5 week trip 2 up planning our next stage in life we formulated a wish list. Life has been good to us so we decided to put our plans into action and started the search for the perfect boat (ha). We looked at many makes and visited the boat shows in Europe and Australia again but finally came back to the make we know well after 2 previous X-Yachts. With X-Yachts just launching their 5th X65 in just a year or so we decided to go sailing and test one. After some discussion with the designers about possible modification of the Keel and some other minor changes to suit our purpose the answer came back that it was all possible and we moved forward with the design.

Fast forward to today....

In 7 years we have clocked up just on 22000nm. We have cruised The Baltic, crossed to the Caribbean but decided it looked too much like home so shipped back to England. Sailed above the Arctic Circle, marvelled at fjords in Norway, the strength of humanity on the Isle of St Kilda, circumnavigated Ireland and the UK, crossed the North sea too many times for Lee's liking, sailed the coastline of the English Channel and through the Kiel Canal, and in 2016 the Atlantic Coastline from France to Gibraltar. 2017 saw us complete our first circumnavigation of the Mediterranean, while 2018 saw a more reduced sail of the Spanish Border from Cartagena to the French Border. 

We have been in awe of the history, nature, wildlife and so enjoyed the food and the people. 

In 2019 we will farewell our favourite country of Spain and set our sails east, the cruising area of the Adriatic is about to be discovered. 

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain