Week 1 - 3 - The catch cry is unfortunately "we are still here!"

1st May - 21st May

140504 1 Sues great glass socks140510 6 Testing the new bikes

We arrived back onboard Katherine on Thursday 1st May with the full intention of having a frantic week of preparation before embarking for Norway. Well the frantic week happened as planned - we unpacked everything that had been stowed away for the season - was a bit like Christmas except we knew what was in each parcel. Thanks to Sue's socks and Deb's bottle booties the wine glasses and wine bottles are all secure and in easy access. We drove the road to Kolding many times in search of new push bikes, diving gear and ever important "bits" from the chandlery store. On board we ticked off the checklist we had left when wintering - the two highlights for Lee being the modification to the "laundry" and the installation of a hot water system forward of the boat bringing hot water rapidly to our shower so we no longer have to literally freeze our bits off or waste lots of water waiting for a little warmth to appear from the shower head. 

140512 Guess this means no go

So all was proceeding as planned until Andrew thankfully decided to check the boom and moved the mandrel to the correct position in readiness for us to reattach the main sail. No go - one failing furler boom motor. Lots of testing, discussion, disasembling then despatching to Italy brought the realisation home that we were not going anywhere fast or far. 

140515 3 Heading out the fjord Rapeseed in flower140516 1 Andrew heading in to check out the dive gear

With Harbour fever now setting in at the end of the second week we decided to head out of the Fjord for a few days and take the opportunity to recallibrate both our autopilots (we now have two), George and George Junior, compasses and general instruments.

140519 3 Coffee and Cake with Carina

So no we had not lost the plot for all of you who had watched our movements on marine traffic and saw our perfect donuts - there was purpose to our madness though we think the people who happened to be fishing off the buoy we were using as a target did wonder.

For three nights we sat in the harbour of Sandvig - cleaned Katherine inside and out. Andrew unpacked his dive gear and discovered a lot of weight is required when trying to dive in a semidry suit and that visibility in the waters of Denmark is on the other end of the spectrum to Tahiti. Lee also braved the waters, donning the wet suit was a workout in itself but trying to stay in the right position to wash the waterline was a real challenge that took most of the boat to successfully master a workable technique. 

140519 4 Flensburg downtown140520 3 Sonwik Marina

With news that our furler motor was not getting any closer to delivery we opted to head for Flensburg under motor to catch up with friends Torsten and Carina. If we can't leave we may as well spend our time discovering another beautiful Scandanavian town and in the company of good people. We have even discovered Flensburg has a history with rum so of course had to visit one of the local distilleries. 

Our bikes have been invaluable as we are staying at a marina at Sonwik just outside of Flensburg. Previously a naval base they have done well to incorporate the marina with its restaurants and apartments in line with the old naval buildings. There are great bike paths everywhere so we have ridden all over in search of gas, supplies and occasionally just for the scenery. 

So we are stuck but we are still smiling.

I had held off doing this blog in ever hope that I would be reporting that we are underway to Norway so perhaps next update the news will have us finally heading north. 

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