Catching Up on News 

150404 2 Trying to get a photo as we head out for dinner (1)150417 1 Katherine on her pontoon St Peters Port

Since leaving Cuba life has been somewhat busy with a bit of socialising, boat preparation, catching up on overdue paperwork, photo sorting then coping with poor internet - yes even here in the United Kingdom there are moments we really do regret our dependency on technology.

Having suffered an engine issue as we headed out for Cowes on the Wednesday before Easter we were in someways relieved. This meant we were stuck in Hamble for an extra week given the Easter break and lack of tradespeople. A week it seems was just what we needed to get the boat repaired. cleaned, paper work sorted and blog updated so now we feel we really are ready to go. 

So instead of the usual one article for you to ponder should you wish to read you now have a choice of three bringing everyone up to date with where we are.

The Blogs:

Week 4 - Cuba - Diving Varadero

Week 5 - DIving Mexico 

Week 6 - 7 - Katherine is back in the water

Happy Easter

Travel Safe

Lee and Andrew 

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