Week 1 - The 2015 Season has Begun 

Twelve weeks equals three months. 

171110 3 Wetseason Rain

Sounds like a long time but for us it has been a somewhat frantic return to Australia achieving many goals but now on our list of never to be repeated achievements. 

110313 1 Xscape out front of home Darwin  - 2013-11-03 at 10-29-41141226 1 The family

In twelve weeks we have managed two interstate trips - both fantastic Tamworth and Melbourne - brought two properties, relocated from our wonderful home and set in place renovations and repairs to put our home on the rental market, relocated our office, not sure how long it will take our  manager and friend Rod to recover and found a new home for Xscape - yes she is finally sold and no longer a marina ornament much to the disappointment of residents of Bayview such as Peter and Sue Chilman and headed to her new home port of Mackay as soon as weather is reasonable. 

Stepping back in time just a little - we landed in Darwin on the 18th November and before we knew it Christmas was upon us. The traditional Christmas Party at our friends Xana and George Kamitisis ensured we fast tracked catching up with a lot of Darwin friends. The added bonus of Christmas in Darwin was the first time in four years we had both our sons Chris and Scott home and we spent boxing day in the company of the Barnes family with whom we had all  journeyed through the kids school years. A simple Christmas celebration with friends and family really does not get any better. 

150102 16 Ella and John Marigold

New Years Eve saw us on a plane for my nephews wedding in Tamworth. Though Chris was in Canada we managed to represent the family with Scott and his girlfriend Gemma and considering Gemma is from Tamworth it was a family reunion all round. A great time had by all, made ever more enjoyable in the company of our entertaining niece Ella. As luck would have it on our return via Sydney to Darwin we even managed to make Kelly Robertsons 50th birthday celebration lunch rounding off a great few days.


January saw us finally achieving an Australian Open - given Scott is 21 and it was a 16th birthday promise we were only a little behind our schedule but the wait was so worth it - even if Federer was knocked out before our arrival the quality of tennis and the atmosphere did not disappoint. 

Back in Darwin one can only say the pace and organised chaos continued and I thank everyone who patiently participated in our journey and exit. There were a lot of people we would have loved to have caught up with but time was just not available so a lesson learnt when we come home next - a few less projects and a little more time allocated for friends and family.

So Now to the Present - February 2015

We landed in London on the morning of Thursday 19th. Not quiet sure how to explain the embrace of the brisk air having come from 35 degrees heat to 5 degrees.. We drove straight to Hamble where we shuffled luggage up a very high ladder, checked on the status of Katherine - a story yet to unfold - then headed for Gatwick.

Now we are on route to Cuba.

Snow on the ground as we flew out reconfirmed we are too early yet to consider setting sail so we are taking the opportunity to travel in lands where we most likely will not take Katherine. 

So get ready your cigar, savour your Matusalem Rum we are about to roll in Cuba and guess what its on a Harley!

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain