Week 6 - 7  Katherine is back in the water and its been a very social time. 

150324 4 Katherine being relaunched for 2015150330 2 The River Rat Hamble Le Rice150328 3 Di and Martin onboard Katherine150329 1 Darwin Visitors Heather Chris and Andrew150402 2 Walking the Hamble Common

The 24th of March on what could only be called a very brisk come bleak day we watched Katherine get lowered back into the waters of Hamble River. No matter how many times you see your boat being hauled out or in it jiust never looks right particularly if the handler happens to stop the hoist suddenly and 30 tonne of boat gets a pendulum effect happening.

While waiting for Katherine to return to the water we took the opportunity to stay at the Royal Southern Yacht Club in the nearby village of Hamble Le Rice. Our theme of no hot water from Cuba unfortunately continued here as a plumbing issue resulted in a lack of water for our last nights stay but the service from the staff more than made up for the inconvenience.

We have visited Hamble Le Rice many times before when in the area but it was special this time to stay in the village and to walk to a different pub each night for dinner. It amazes us that such a small village can have such a collection of dining places and we did our best to share our megre Australian dollar around dining at The Bugle and The Whyte Hart. A special dinner was had one night at The RIver Rat. A winemakers dinner put on by Frances and David was simply superb both for the quality of the South African wine and the food that their chef presented to accompany it. 

Since being back onboard it has continued to be a very social time. We were joined on our first Friday night by Martin and Di from nearby Portsmouth area. Martin and DI are both long time active divers so many hours past very quickly as we discussed diving skills and underwater photography over the odd bottle of wine with a Aussie meal of roast lamb and mini pavlovas for desert. It was great to have guests onboard that could see the funny side of cooking challenges onboard in another country - lesson now learnt about single cream versus double cream - no matter how much you beat the life out of it you are going to end up with a milkshake not thick dolloping cream!

With Martin and DI disembarking we had Heather Sjoberg and Chris Millowick from Darwin arrive the following evening. Heather had a little trouble initially finding the right marina that Katherine was in - no problem really just ask the marina office if they have a big Australian sail boat staying. Unfortunately they didnt but rang our marina who were able to confirm a “big” yacht was in harbour. It’s all relative really we are just big around 45 foot boats and our mast definitely equates as big. For dinner we decided to head to the village and enjoy The River Rat once more. Though a short stay was great to have some Aussies onboard particularly as we havent seen Heather in almost four years. 

To cap the weekend off we held Sundowners onboard for Frances and Carol from The RIver Rat. Well it would have been sundowners had the sun shone at all that day. That being said with blankets and the heater we enjoyed sitting up top in the glass house enjoying the warmth whilst listening to the harmony of halyards flapping in the growing wind. Any ideas of leaving harbour were put to rest as the weather continued to deteriorate reaching a peak of around 48 knots in harbour on the Tuesday. 

150402 3 An unexpected delivery from the marina

Easter had been planned to be spent on the Isle of Wight but an engine issue as we departed Hamble last Thursday saw us quickly return. But as always that wasnt such a bad thing. Instead of being distracted by touristing we have been able to do a few more jobs around the boat including the paperwork. It also gave us the opportunity to spend a night in the company of  Peter and Christine Tanners, soon to be owners of a new XC42 and who unbelieveaby crossed the Atlantic in 2012 in the same rally we did but we never met -  talk about six degrees of separation.  Through Peter and Christine we also met Louise and Mike Dellar who will also sail their boat in the Baltic this summer. We all hope that somewhere this season our paths will cross on the water giving us an opportunity to catch up. 

So with hot cross buns, daffodils and chocolate courtesy of the marina we have had a lovely Easter. We hope you have also enjoyed your Easter whereever you may be. 

Now it really is time for us to go sailing.......

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