Stepping the Mast

03 Stepping the Mast

Today we received photos from the factory showing the mast being stepped. Though disappointed that we weren’t there to see her lowered into the water and the mast manoeuvred we understand there are a lot of electronics on this boat (something to do with the new owner) that need to be thoroughly tested before we get there to start sea trials. We may be biased but we think she is looking pretty good in the water. I suspect by the time we load her with fuel, water, outfit the galley, add a bottle of wine or two and don't forget the shoes, she will be a little lower on the waterline.

Seeing the workers so rugged up is a worry but I guess we always knew it was going to be cold - four weeks to go perhaps they will have an early summer just for us!

More photos in the Photo album.

12 Stepping the Mast


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