042112 - The Journey  Begins

042212 5 Aeroskobing Harbour Katherine Alongside

Saturday 21st 12 noon we dropped the mooring lines and headed out from the factory. Lee nearly needed a tissue it was still so hard to believe that after two years of planning and working towards this goal, this was it.

It was great to have Wendy Dene and Chris onboard and to be farewelled by Graham and Louise from Mackay. Added to the excitement a few Danish friends came out with the cameras and cheers. Yes we were on our way.

The highlight of the day was definitely that we were sailing in 15knots of breeze with just the jib and our top speed of the day 10 knots, think I could cruise the world this way if someone could just turn up the temperature a little.

We overnighted off an island called Avernako before heading on the next day to Aeroskobing. Must be cruising as the total distance about 15miles. Aeroskobing is the prettiest town we have to date come across. Lots of the buildings date back to the 1700’s. We have stayed here for two nights. The town at the moment is asleep waiting to come out of its winter cocoon and embrace the enslaught of summer vacationers - so pleased we have been able to stroll the streets during these quieter times. 

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042112 1a Ready to go
© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain