051512 - Bornholm

050712 6 Ronne

Monday 7th to Sunday 13th May (Mothers Day Australia)

Our run from Copenhagen went well with the weather being as forecast the spinnaker got put to good use and the AIS was well appreciated as we passed between ships in the shipping channel. 

First stop on Bornholm was Ronne on the eastern side of Bornholm. Being a commercial port we found ourselves in the company of large ships and lots of Russians as there was a military practice going on.

From Ronne we sailed around the top of the island to Svaneke literally on the opposite side of the island. Svaneke proved to be a good choice of harbour as most others would have been challenging for Katherine to fit into. It was a short stroll to the small town centre and local brewery and a short bus ride to Gudhjem from where we caught the ferry to the island of Christanso. 

Christianso began as a military base back in 1684 and operated until 1863 when the defence department to prevent the buildings from deteriorating allowed former soldiers to move back as fisherman establishing the community of Christianso. It operated as a prison throughout the 1700s and now has a permanent population of around 100 people. The islands buildings were beautifully preserved and we felt a bit like we were walking through lane ways that could easily have been on the film set of the Hobbits. The islands around Chrisitanso are also significant for bird breading and we discovered that Seagulls can act like plovers if you get too close to their nest, and eider ducks nest everywhere on the island and sit so low in their nest that you have to be careful not to step on them. 

The island of Bornholm is all of thirty miles long so we hired a “little” car and spent a day literally driving all over the island visiting the round church in Nylar - as it was dedicated to St Nicholas the Patron saint of sailors, climbed a tower in the middle of the national park only to find cloud and communication domes a bit like out of Pine Gap, Arsdale Molle a windmill built in 1877 and still fully operating thanks to the dedication of a family trying to keep tradition alive, got totally hassled in the township of Hassle trying to locate a cafe for lunch and finally walked the grounds of Hammerhus Slot the ruins of a castle built in the 13th century.

We always said we were going to sail in the Baltic to see the attractions but in Svaneke due to our location we proved to be an attraction more so than any other port of  call.

We really enjoyed our time on Bornholm.

From here it was time to change courtesy flags as we moved north onto Kalmar in 


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051012 32 Frederikso

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