062812 - Tallinn to Ystad Sweden 

062612 13 Andrew on a Sandhamn courtesy bike with character

Andrew off to get supplies on Sandhamn 

Saturday 23rd June - Thursday 28th June 

The day we left Tallinn we were lead out by a Viking Cruise ship which seemed appropriate as every harbour we have been to in the Northern part of the Baltic we have had to get out of the way of a Viking vessel. Our 320 mile run to Kalmar saw us on the first day enjoying a pleasurable sail and running with the A sail for some 130 miles. Unfortunately conditions as always are very changeable and the next day saw everything from no wind to squalls including one that had us on our toes jumping from 8 knots to 30 plus in less than a few minutes. The Stay sail came into its own and despite looking like a body bag when on deck proved an invaluable sail - we just have to simplify the putting up and away process and it will be great. As we approached the Oland bridge around midnight on our second night Andrew put the spreader lights on - it would have made a great photo if the nerves of going under the bridge at night hadn’t made Lee look away!

It proved a wise move to get into Kalmar when we did as the following two days the winds strengthened and blew to 60 knots where we wanted to go - so we stayed put in the comfort of Katherine in the marina giving Darb and Norelle the opportunity to see Kalmar castle which we had visited on our way through. The marina was so different to last stop - busy with boats of all sizes and nationalities. 

From Kalmar we headed out on the Tuesday to Sandhamn on the southern tip of Sweden and to what we would have to say is the friendliest marina we have come across on our journey. The staff marked out our berth with tape and we used the courtesy bikes that had character to have a look around. The restaurant was opening on Friday night but unfortunately we were moving on - once more a little too early in “The Season”

Next stop Ystad- where we had tried to sail to with Chris (our son) a few months ago - and incredibly the wind was again on our nose. We did however finally get in but had to use the services of the commercial harbour as the marina could not accommodate us. Unfortunately no one mentioned the dredging that was going on in the commercial harbour and the smell that we awoke to the next morning as the dredger was hard at work less than 50 meters from us was enough for all to vote that by lunch time after a quick look around Ystad and a successful visit for Andrew to the chandlery store “Tacker O Tag” we were heading for Klintholm Denmark.

So today the Swedish flag came down and the Danish courtesy flag has been raised once more - sad as it indicates our 1st journey is really coming to an end. 

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062812 1 The reason for our early departure from Ystad - the dredging machine if only a picture could capture a smell

If only a picture could capture a smell

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