070212 - The magic of Aero

062812 12 Approaching the island of Mon and the limestone cliffs

The White Cliffs of Mon

Thursday 29th June - Sunday 1st July

From Ystad we made the run for Klinholm and then onto Marstal. We had visited Marstal on the first stage of our journey having traveled to it via Aeroskobing and Svendborg covering some 150nm. This time we decided we would base ourselves in Marstal and visit Aeroskobing by land - being that it was all of 12kms away.

Marstal itself was full of people in comparison to when we were here in April but we were still able to get a berth alongside. All be it we had to move forward to allow three tall ships to park behind us - we have total respect for the way in which their skippers manoeuvre these boats within the confines of the harbour. 

Our three nights in Marstal felt like a holiday after the run that we had completed from Kalmar. As we sailed from Klinholm to Marstal we had been presented with all weather possible from rain wind to hail. But thankfully the sun came out as we motored in and remained out for our entire stay.

Sunday saw us hiring bikes and heading off to Aeroskobing on the cycle way. A detour inland was than made for the Rise Bryggeri but unfortunately we had misinterpreted the word for Sunday and the brewery was closed. So after a scenic ride of some 30kms through paddocks and along the seaside including a stop for purchase of fresh strawberries we made our way back to the harbour to find to our surprise a cafe not more than 100 meters from Katherine, serving great fish and chips and local beer! A few entertaining nights were had at the Irish Pub run by an entertaining and efficient publican - Michael. The finale of the trip being  for some to watch the Euro Cup final between Spain and Italy with the locals at the Irish Pub making for a memorable night.

There is we were told by a few locals a competitive spirit between Aeroskobing and Marstal and that we would need to align ourselves to one of the towns - cant be done Im afraid - both towns are special in their own right and we look forward to sailing in again and exploring further.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain