010513 Temporarily Homeless

042113 5 St Marten - Vessel in Baie De Potence

Vessel in Baie De Potence 

Since getting back onboard Katherine in St Marten the time has flown so fast. When we left Katherine to fly back home we arranged to have some clears made for our bimini which we had been trying to get made at nearly every port in the Caribbean but all were busy. This will be essential for our return to northern europe as we would like a little more shelter from the unpredictable summer !!. As it was, even with the agreed time frame locked in with the shop we still had to wait several more days before we saw any progress and the sailmaker literally delivered our new clears as we were preparing to drop our mooring lines. So although we now have clears and a great back shade, if it wasn't such a late delivery we could have refined a few things. Guess it is just another project we will try and get someone to do elsewhere.

042113 6 St Marten - Canon Fort Louis

While waiting in St Marten we took the opportunity to drive around the island - several times - but quickly came to the conclusion that we would not put St Marten on our top ten of nicest islands. Though the beaches were beautiful we found the inland very dry, the roads atrocious and more rubbish then we have encountered on any other island. The highlight of our tourist drives would be The fort overlooking Marigot Bay on the French side which provided some beautiful views. The downside was definitely having our hire car broken into in a public car park right beside the beach restraunts whilst visiting the infamous Orient Beach.

042513 7 Marina Cay a quick stop at the Pussers Rum Store along with everyone else

From St Marten we headed north to the British Virgin Islands. We overnighted in Gorda Sound on Virgin Gorda and really could have spent a week here. The anchorage was so peaceful nothing like what was awaiting us when we headed for Trellis Bay a mere five miles away. Trellis Bay was simply overflowing with boats so we opted to anchor in Marina Cay - that just happened to have a Pussers Rum Shop. Before long we found this anchorage also overflowing with predominantly Charter Boats. On the arrival of Islay who we have not seen since January - and who arrived with the appropriate chorus of "I come from a land down under" blaring from their speakers a decision was quickly made to move to Coopers Island.

The BVIs and the US Virgin Islands remind us very much of the Whitsunday's, short distances between beautiful bays with white sand beaches. But thats where similarities end - here there are so many charter boats, more restaurants than you could possibly work your way through and every water sport you could contemplate on offer. 

042613 6 The Baths BVI

So for three nights we anchored, and during the day had the pleasure of Marijn and Tim on board Katherine for some sailing, checked out The Baths on Virgin Gorda and a few other nice spots, dined with the entire Islay family before having to come to the reality that our sailing in the Caribbean had come to an end.

On Sunday afternoon we arrived in St Thomas and found a small marina on Sapphire Beach where we could prepare for shipping. Sapphire Marina was a private marina that we first checked out in the dinghy as the entrance looked somewhat daunting. The marina manager Niles was so welcoming, on hand with his tender had it been required and offered us the use of his pickup that had real "character" to go to the neighbouring bay of Red Hook for shopping. We moved into an apartment right beside the marina and with our travel bags packed we waited for the call to load on the ship. 

043013 16 Almost in place

On Tuesday afternoon we loaded Katherine onboard the MV Sampgracht. She now sits onboard just in front of Islay and we are all now temporarily homeless. The ship leaves port on Thursday and in around two weeks we will be back on board ready to start our next journey beginning in Southampton not somewhere we had been planning on sailing. But never say never….

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