092612 Returning to Katherine 

092212 Rare moment of sunshine at the X-Yacht Factory

X-Yacht Factory Haderslev

We returned to the boat on the 17th September and were greeted by a Danish Autumn - rain wind and a very cold chill in the air. X-Yachts had once again excelled themselves and all the small items we left including our wish list items had been attended to and the boat left in a pristine condition. The Stay sail furler has been installed unfortunately a few additional items are required from Australia before the sail can be completed. We are hoping there is still time for this to be completed before we leave Denmark but it will be close - particularly as the sail maker is going sailing next week!

When we arrived in April the factory was a hive of activity with boats being put into the water. We are now seeing the reverse as boats are arriving daily to be hauled out and stored for the winter - definitely an indication that it is time for us to go.

Our plan originally was to leave Haderslev head for Marstal to await confirmation of our pick up date from Bremnerhaven in Germany. We were excited about heading up the Kiel Canal but not so about having to do the run from Brunsbuttel to Bremnerhaven in the weather that is very unstable at the moment. As luck would have it Sevenstar finally rang today to confirm our pick up date - though they can only say maybe next Tuesday or some date after the good news is that they want to collect us from Kalundborg in Denmark. A shorter run from here for us and more protected. 

So we are staying put in the fjord until Thursday when the sun - which we have only seen once since we have arrived, is meant to break through the clouds. All be it most likely for only a day. The sails are back on, the fridge provisioned, guess its nearly time to reaquaint ourselves with our thermals and head out. 

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