093012 Haderslev to Kalundborg

Thursday saw us head out of the factory pen - with teamwork, Andrew on the lines and remote thruster control and Lee on the helm, we exited without incident always a nice feeling. Though there was limited sunshine we were thankful there was no rain to deal with and we had a very relaxed sail to our anchorage near Middlefart off the island of Faeno. There was a restaurant on the hill across the bay from where we anchored - we put a note in the log to visit that one next year. Day 2 saw us shake out the mainsail and sail just west of Julesminde. Two bridges to pass under the first being only 33m giving us all of 1.5m clearance felt once more way to close let alone the wires just before the bridge. Julesminde from the binoculars looks like an interesting harbour another item added for our return. Day 3 saw the weather close in once more and we were thankful that we only had 30 odd miles to sail - hot chocolate was definitely the saviour of the day.

So now we sit in Kalundborg awaiting the arrival of Edamgracht the cargo ship that will transport Katherine to Gibraltar. At this stage it looks like loading will be on Wednesday weather permitting.

The two weeks back onboard Katherine have gone fast but it has been great to get a few extra nights out on anchor before we leave The Baltic. With the constant gale warnings and the dramatic drops in temperature we now know this is really the best time to leave the Baltic we love so much, looking forward to returning again for another "summer" season.

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093012 2 Just another day sailing in The Baltic (1)

Just another day sailing in the Baltic 

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain