101812 Arriving in Gibraltar

101312 11 Morning Panorama of Gibraltar with the good ship Edamgracht (1)

Morning Light over Gibraltar

After leaving Katherine onboard Edamgracht we flew to Madrid arriving minus our luggage. Thankfully that joined us 24 hours later. Coming back to Spain reminds us why we enjoy it so much - just pleased we are here in October. With so many people around we'd hate to see Madrid in peak season.

101112 5 Ruins Under our hotel at Malaga dating back as far as Roman Times 4th c AD

Ruins beneath our hotel

From Madrid we drove to visit friends near the small town of Ibi and Tibi. Winding through the narrow villages made us wish we were back on the motorbikes as we were last time we were here though I think the luggage may have been an issue. An overnight stop in Malaga in a hotel with ruins beneath the floor dating back as far as the 4th c AD - the history in Europe never ceases to amaze us - before finally making it to the border of Gibraltar. That as we had been warned took a little longer to cross - over an hour we qued to get through. 

101212 12 Gibraltar getting closer

The Rock of Gibraltar

Saturday 13th saw Edamgracht alongside and Katherine complete with a cleaned underside ready to be unloaded. Since Kalundborg an additional five boats had been put onboard in Southampton three of whom disembarked in Gibraltar. 

For the first time since we have been onboard Katherine we have been able to completely dry her out. We have had everything out on deck and every hatch open. we have also been able to use the new bimini and it is providing great shade. Ocean Village marina is alongside the airstrip so we are pleased we are at the furtherest end both from the strip and the restaurants. We have already encountered a number of people onboard boats also heading for La Palma to join the ARC. (Atlantic Rally Crossing).

So we sit here now till the end of the month, completing preparations for our next passage and playing tourist. 

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101512 3 Gibraltar Looking towards the airstrip and La LInea Spain

The view of the marina from our mast in Gibraltar


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