102612 Still Here in Gibraltar 

102312 1 Touring with Audrey and Brian Gibraltar

Gibraltar - Audrey and Brian Coop dropped in 

This would be the longest outside of the factory or St Petersburg that we have ever sat in one place on Katherine but we still seem to be getting to the end of the day with a list to complete tomorrow and certainly to date we havent pulled out a book to read as have our neighbours - Im sure that will come in time.

While we had a hire car we drove the Spanish coastline to Tarfia where we managed to collect our kayak, research bargin then buy a second hand windsurfer and sails - all ready to play in the warmer waters of the Caribbean. We have also recieved today our modified stay sail - despite blowing 15knots plus in the marina we had it hoisted, furled and away in the sail locker within half an hour - I like this sail already!

We have had the pleasure of guests Brian and Audrey Coop onboard for two nights - it is great to be able to share your home when so far from home. 

The weather over the last four days has been somewhat unfavourable (bucketing with rain and blowing) and does not look like improving until at least next Friday. Each day Lee is doing a daily run with her new trolley and backpack to Morrisons to further stock the boat, Andrew is further securing and preparing Katherine for passage as we will wait for better weather and the arrival of Darb from Australia next week so we can finally set sail to the Canaries in preparation for joining the ARC. 

102612 2 Lee and her new favourite sail

Lees new favourite sail.

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