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110112 8 The Rock Tour - St Micheals Caves

St Micheals Caves

With Darbs arrival on Wednesday I took the opportunity to have some company on the Taxi Tour of Gibraltar. A fast transit around the island before heading up for the first stop at the Pillars of Hercules. We then moved onto St Micheals Cave - the most impressive item in the cave being the amphitheatre used for concerts for local residents. Though Id be making sure I wasnt playing an instrument underneath some of those Stalactites. Ive since found out that there is a three hour guided hike that you can do through the caves which from some of the pictures would be well worth the effort to see the underground lake. Our next stop was at the top of The Rock to take in the views of both Gibraltar Straits and the Mediterranean Sea. There were also to be seen the Barbary Apes or Macaca - tail-less monkeys. We'd been warned to leave our packs in the taxi and not to take anything with us except our cameras. Well unfortuantely Wally the Ape decided I looked like the perfect perch and was on top of my shoulders then head faster than I could see him coming. He was also not overly happy when I tried to dislodge him by kneeling. Definitely more of a close up experience than required. Final stop on the tour was the Great Seige Tunnels. A network of tunnels dug out first around 1782 and further developed for the second world war effort. The tour really opened up how much more there was to Gibraltar and now at least I know if we ever do end up back here for longer than planned there are plenty of walks including the Mediterranean Steps to conquer.

So with touring done we have set about the "every second day" tour to Morrisons to further dry provision the boat for the crossing. Check the weather and wait.

But tomorrow the weather and sea state finally looks as as good as its going to get for us to make our run for Las Palmas - its go now or spend Christmas in Gibraltar which is not what we have planned. So with Katherine reconfigured from our home in a marina to every thing secured and ready to sail we will check the forecast one last time in the morning before making the final call to head on out. In four days we hope to be in Las Palmas with a little less rain.

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