112412 Las Palmas Preparations Complete

112312 3 Team Katherine for the crossing

The Team

Two weeks here in Las Palmas has flown. We have had two boat free days where we hired a car and drove the island. The first was literally a drive down the east coast to Puerto De Morgan - a beautiful port area that happened to be filled with tourist buses as we had inadvertently arrived on Market Day.

They Like there tunnels.

112012  2  Why go over when you can go through

Tour Day 2 was far more adventurous particularly for the Mazda 2 we hired as we headed up into the hills of Gran Canaria to the centre of the island. The twisting roads, small towns (some of which you were through before you realised where you were) the old town areas and some great views made it a really interesting day. We were most surprised when we came across an area filled with huge gums tree thought we were back home.

The impressive batten

112312 1 when your batton doesnt turn up you make a new one

A few frustrations for Andrew with trying to get items into Las Palmas. Our replacement batten had been in Madrid for over a week before finally arriving we believe into Las Palmas yesterday. As to when it will be delivered to the boat we don't hold out much hope so a home made batten - a beauty to behold Ive been told has been manufactured on board. The second part which did finally arrive yesterday was our replacement processor for our B&G depth sounder. So much for 24hour turn around. Still at least we have a depth sounder but will need to go out tomorrow before the start and recalibrate our wind angles. Its a boat and something always needs fixing!

Flag Raising Ceremony

111812 11 The Aussies

The ARC committee have done an amazing job at coordinating events and workshops. We were hosted to a welcoming party by Rolnautic with a live band in the first week, we've marched down the street behind our countries flags with the local brass band to the entertainment of locals, every evening there have been sundowners at the local dinghy club and last night was the official farewell function at the Real Club Nautico hosted by the Gran Canaria Tourist Board. There have been more events, workshops, practical demonstrations in the last two weeks then one could image and the beauty of the ARC as we have found is that you can be involved as much or as little as you like. The local businesses have been incredibly accommodating and efficient and there have been literally trucks pulling up to and delivering goods all week - Darb and I chose the daily walk option with backpack and trusty grocery trolley but were beginning to think the other boats may have made the wiser move!

On Wednesday evening Peter Chilman our fourth member of the team arrived. His wife Sue is with him but will depart Sunday morning and meet us with Nell in St Lucia.

So with the pumpkin soup just cooked, the bagets vacuumed and having given up on getting our Batton we are ready to go. 

Next stop St Lucia….just across the paddock!

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