122812 Christmas Day in Bequia and sailing The Grenadines

122312 3 Fresh lobster delivery (1)

We sailed 70 miles from Rodney Bay St Lucia south to Bequia in The Grenadines. Admiralty Bay was full of yachts - a lot we recognised from the Arc. Initially we had planned on clearing customs in Bequia before sailing on to Friendship Bay literally just around the corner. But the Bay proved to be great holding, the township friendly and interesting and once everyone got settled no one wanted to move. The fact we also had fresh lobster delivered to the boat within minutes of anchoring also helped to encourage us to stay. 

Christmas Eve was spent onboard Andante who had cooked up a magnificent feast including the pork they'd arranged to have slaughtered only days before! From onboard several times in the afternoon we heard the fire alarm set off as smoke billowed from within - apparently cooking roast pork in a gas oven may be successful for the meal but not so for the oven. There was lots of toasting with Aquivik and Dram and as usual way to much fantastic food to eat from the sauerkraut with apple, mushy peas to the incredibly crunchy pork. 

Christmas Day was onboard Katherine and Andrew opted for the pork to be cooked in the electric bbq - a first for us. Though the Norwegians won the crackling competition this year the pork was still fantastic. We cranked up the air-conditioning on the boat as we would have done back home in Darwin just for the day as the humidity built and the storms rolled in.
Boxing Day we decided there was to be very little eating and lots of recovery - so all in all once more a totally traditional way just missed having the boys with us. 

122712 14 Charlestown Bay Cancouan The Airstrip

We had four nights on anchor in Bequia before sailing a short twenty miles south to Cancouan. This island is being developed by Italians and the airstrip that has been built was busy with private jets flying in. A very exclusive resort sits on one side of the island with plans to build a further hotel and marina. It will be interesting to see what this island looks like in ten years. At the moment the only bar outside of the hotel was a quaint stand, the walk over the hill to view the lagoon was breathtaking both in the walk and the scenery. 

The bullets that blew all night encouraged us to move on to Union Island only a further ten miles south. Unfortunately though the anchorage here is spectacular to view it is tight on space and at the moment subject to consistent 20knot breeze so it was up with the anchor and onto Saline Bay on Mayreau island. Having so many islands to pick and choose from makes for short sails and lots of investigating. 

Mayreau has two bays to choose from and we were happy to be in Saline Bay after walking literally over the island to visit Salt Whistle Bay. A small beautiful bay with a real Caribbean feel - the coconut trees, Jens Bar made from ply wood with local music playing was fantastic. But the boats were literally packed - almost rafted together in the small bay and we hear the party atmosphere complete with music continued every night to the early hours - so nice to visit but also nice to go back to the tranquility of our own bay.

Today we head for PSV to celebrate New Years Eve with the Dutch family onboard  Islay. Several bottles of Dom Perignon wagered as a fishing bet whilst crossing the Atlantic will be shared to celebrate the start of 2013. 

Where ever you are we wish to all a great finish to 2012 and an even better start to 2013.

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain