111112 700 miles on we're in Las Palmas Gran Canaries

110512 5 Tarifa Lighthouse

Lighthouse Tarifa Spain 

Did I say everything secured in my last blog - there is nothing like a good confused sea state to let you know where things can move. We ended up using every towel, t-towel piece of cloth we could find for the galley to ensure things weren't rattling. Now that we have that perfected we will be better prepared for the next leg. 

We pulled out of Gibraltar on Monday the 5th of November and arrived just prior to midnight on Thursday 8th - we were on a time line with a promise to Darb of a celebratory rum prior to midnight! 

The trip went well and the boat handled everything in its stride. We had a good shake down run for the Atlantic with squalls including a 48 plus blow, a hail storm, the odd bit of lightning and just enough pleasant sailing conditions to soften the memory of the not so nice stuff. The radar has been invaluable for warning us of impending squalls/rain particularly as we had some seriously black nights. The emails we sent via satellite tracked our position and allowed us to post a few photos on the way so we know now that this will also work well for the crossing.

What we also found out on our arrival into Las Palmas was that not everyone could work out where to see the photos we were posting along the way and if we are going to struggle to stay down below long enough to do a post Id like to know that someones seen it. So on our leg across the Carribbean if you are interested follow the steps below

1. Go to the "Where are we now page"

2. Click the link to mailasail and see the map for our position and track

3. Click on Daily Entries to see our comments and photos whilst on passage

So now we are in Las Palmas in a very busy neighbourhood of boats - many with the Arc most preparing to make the run to the Carribbean. We are here for the next two weeks, waiting for our fourth member Pete from Darwin to arrive, preparing the boat and playing tourist until the 25th November. 

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110912 1 Our busy neighbourhood in Las Palmas

Las Palmas Marina 

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain