Week 6  - Kristiansand to Stavern Norway                               
Saturday 29th - Friday 5th July   

062913 7 The Safety Officer Broadcasting safety on the water$%

Safety Officer we assume broadcasting the message of safety on the water 

The one thing we have noted on the little we have seen of both Norway and now Sweden is that summer is definitely the season for events and when the sun is out everyone is out on the water in craft of all shapes and sizes.

070413 1 Heading out of Kristiansand not the best visibility070213 4 Now this is the place we should have been heading

We moved on from Kristiansand on Monday 1st July and as on the day we arrived it was raining as we left. Thankfully as we approached Arendal the sun finally came out. In Arendal it was the number of young people that were in watercraft that caught our attention. Where as at home they would jump in the car to get to town here they all turned up in boats. There was a music festival on at the island of Hove and lots appeared to use their boats as a base rather than camping on the Island. The line up for the concert was also impressive Kings of Leon and The Script were the two I could recognise. We finally had good internet access and used the time here to catch up on that dreaded but necessary thing called work that needs to continue should we wish to continue to cruise. 

070513 5 Noor with her new necklace

Thursday 4th July saw us underway in fog from Arendal to Stavern. Approaching our first bridge in a while (34m) was somewhat eery as it slowly appeared out of the mist. The fog stayed with us for most of the day but provided for some good practice with Andrew trying out the automated fog relay, whilst setting radar and ais guard zones. We were pleased however that the wind finally built and the fog moved on allowing us to arrive into Stavern with visibility. The highlight of our arrival was the welcome by Tim and Noor of Islay who had reserved a space for us alongside. That being said it wasn't long before our raft became three. 

070513 2 Starven

Stavern is a very pretty seaside town that normally has a population of around 5000 but apparently swells to nearly 40000 in summer. The harbour that we were in had the friendliest energetic harbourmaster we have come across. Christine came down to the boats each morning bearing bread, strawberries, shrimp and sauces from the local market for you to purchase. When we asked how she would cope with the coming week and arrival of some 650 boats (normally the capacity is 150) in time for the Stavernfestival that included Sting and Will.I.Am she just smiled and laughed. Though it would have been fantastic to be in the harbour for such a concert the thought of being racked and stacked in that many boats just didn't bare thinking about so we agreed it was time to make for another location.

Next stop Gluppo, a natural harbour of Sweden.

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