Week 9 - First week of cruising north from Copenhagen

 Monday 21st July - Sunday 28th 

072213 2 Sad day as we farewell part of the family of Islay

Monday saw us restocked refuelled and motoring out of Tuborg Havn after final farewells to Islay. We did recheck the boat once clear of the harbour just to make sure we had not inadvertently stored TIm in the sail locker. 

072213 17 Kronborg Slot at night

Our first destination was Helsingor a short twenty mile motor north of Tuborg. The plan had been to stay two nights to take in Kronborg Slot. Plans are always made to be changed. Andrew suffered from a serious infection in his elbow so whilst the Darwin crew did some local sight seeing Lee and Andrew did the clinic visits. Thanks to some serious medication the infection in his elbow was finally brought under control and by Thursday we were given the ok to move on and I have to say Ive never seen us leave a dock so fast!

072413 2 Sassy and Katherine Alongside Helsingor

While in Helsingor Sassy XP55 arrived for two nights - was great to have two Aussie boats alongside and a final farewell before they returned the boat to the factory for shipping to OZ. One highlight of our train trip to Copenhagen was meeting a spritely lady who informed us proudly she was turning 92 on Monday. We both agreed we can only wish to be as healthily in mind and body as she was. 

So a revisit to Helsingor is still required as Lee still hasn't had the opportunity to tour Kronborg Slot which according to our visitors is certainly worth doing. 

From Helsingor it was off to Varberg before a night in a natural harbour called Kungso just south of Goteburg. Some of the sunsets we have been treated to in the last few nights have been simply breathtaking. 

072513 5 Classic Cars for evening entertainment

Andrew celebrated his 50th birthday in Varberg with a splendid roast pork meal cooked by Pete and the evening entertainment turned out to be Classic Cars doing laps past the boat complete with singing.

Today we are in Marstrand and celebrating Ross turing 60. Certainly has been a special month. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain