010314 - Isla Isabela - Puerto Villamil Galapagos

140226 15 The anchorage Puerto Villamil Isla Isabela

Andante on Anchor Vilamil 

Our stay on Villamil has been most entertaining thanks to the prolific wildlife that appears happy to bob by whilst we are on anchor onboard Andante. Villamil is one of five populated islands of the Galapagos Island group on which around 25000 people reside in total over a land mass of some 8000 square kilometres. The marine area of the Galapagos reserve extends to some 138000square kilometres hence there are some very happy wildlife residents.

140226 24 Downtown Vilamil

We have taken up daily residence at the Caesar Restaurant downtown in an effort to upload emails, photos and the blog - the later having been to date not so successful. That being said the vino blanco with grilled shrimp has been a daily success. We have managed to find the local laundry where for $1US per pound our laundry was returned washed, clean and perfectly folded. The town reminds us somewhat of a texan street movie scene with the dirt roads and cactus plants. 

140227 4 Andantes Flag

Though the snorkelling has not been much to sing praises about the trip out and back each day has provided such a diversity of wildlife for us to photograph there have been no complaints. 

140227 9 Manta Ray swimming by the boat140228 12 Centro de Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza Breeding Center for Giant Tortoise

Hans and Andrew dived into the dinghy late one afternoon as two large manta ray swam by. With the new underwater housing for our camera in hand Andrew went off to catch some great footage and photos. This morning we had turtles causing interruption to the morning routine - its very hard to concentrate on duties at hand when wildlife just keeps popping up by the boat to be photographed!

140228 19 Flamingos

Friday we headed in to Centro de Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza – The breeding center for the giant tortoise. It was amazing to see the tortoise in all stages of development from tiny hand size munching machines to the huge adults that must be over 100 years old. One thing that remained with all of us is the sound of so many tortoise munching – we think it could be a great sound for one of those radio station competitions.    

From the Tortoise center it was a short stroll up the road to overlook a billabong – pond – where resident flamingos were in a feeding frenzy. There is no other way to describe their activity of sifting through the silt than rotary hoes on steroids. However that being said one lone Flamingo seemed to be an individual and he was doing a disco dance to stir up the silt for whatever he was looking for.

140301 4 Off to the airport checkin time

Today - Saturday - Andrew and I have flown from Isla Isabela to the Isla San Cristobal where we will join a cruise tomorrow with Ecoventura onboard the catamaran Flamingo. 16 passengers, 8 days, multiple islands, we are looking forward to more of the Galapagos wildlife experience. 

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© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain