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140217 8

We have been based at Balboa Yacht Club Panama for five nights allowing time for both provisioning and sight seeing. Balboa Yacht club has a web site that looks great but unfortunately the actual club burnt down some time ago and all that remains is the toilet and laundry facilities which are also utilised as a workshop and the immigration office. 

The marina office is perched above the bridge walkway that leads from the fuel dock back to the land. The most redeeming feature of the marina is the restaurant - an open air restaurant that provides the much sort after internet service and that can be accessed even when the restaurant is not open - there are no walls or doors to this restaurant! The anchorage is at times rolly as we lay alongside the main channel for the entrance to the Panama Canal and large cargo ships roll up and down in procession all day. 

140217 1 The Taxi Fog Horn

The yacht club provides free taxi service from your boat to the dock - well that sounds convenient - but as we soon learnt dependent on who the driver was it could take up to an hour to get one to your boat. Our neighbour tried vainly with a whistle and we resorted to the fog horn - all to no avail - as the driver had his plan and wasn't going to be diverted. 

140216 1 Old Town Panama

Panama City has a population of and is a mix of old along side modern architecturally designed buildings. It appears to be a city at the moment caught up in a development frenzy with roads and buildings under construction everywhere. As far as road traffic goes it is full and like Asia the road rules appear to work on the blasting of your horn and the courage of your conviction to drive forward. We used the local taxis most days but for the two days on which we needed to get provisions and parts we employed the services of Roger . Rogers assistance at the local fruit and vegetable market was invaluable - just parking a vehicle in the place took special skills. 

140216 13 Fish Market Panama Kuna Indian

We enjoyed wandering around The Old Town of Panama, The Fish Market and visiting the Casa Latina craft store where all products are made by the local indians and were of such a high standard we couldn't walk out without buying one or two things. 

Now we are on our way to Las Perlas a day sail of 35 miles before making the run for Galapagos. 

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