032513 Dominica - A Land of Amazing Natural Colour

032113 Arrived Dominica Roseau Bay to find cruise ship with Harley Riders032213 Our waterfront vista032313 Prince Rupert Bay - Portsmouth on the North West of the Island032313 Thats the "main" road across the top we were taking and it just got more interesting as we went032313 The vegetation on parts of this island are so lush they don't look real032313 Trying to take a couple shot with the iPhone kind of worked whilst dining at Zam Zam032413 Soufriere Bay South West - who needs a fishing boat032413 Southern Dominica coming back from Grand Bay homestead in the greenery032413 Grand Bay Jesuit Church built in the early 1700s032413 Champagne Reef Snorkel bubbles from the hotsprings from an underwater volcano032413 Champagne Reef Iguanas in the foliage032413 Trafalgar Falls032413 Trafalgar Falls- between the falls were the hot pools032413 Gingers of all varieties and colours by the roadside032413 34 Final sunset for Roseau Bay Dominica

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia