112712 Crossing the Atlantic 

112512 These guys were trying an innovative way with their flags wonder if they will be there in St lucia112512 The Band that played all morning to add to the atmosphere along every pontoon for what ended up being start day for Open only112512 How not to exit your berth on your way out to race start112712 Day 1: Our one man band to send off the boats112712 Day 1: And were off for Arc 2012112712 Day 1: The AIS screen seems somewhat busy120112 Day 5: The only fish we are catching at the moment are flying fish120212 Day 6: This bird tried for a long time to unsuccessfully land on board to rest120312 Day 7: Seems to be a lot of kneeling in this corner120312 Day 7: Andrew going up again this time to try and retrieve the halyard not good in 20+ knots. No halyard just lots more bruises.120412 2 Day 8: Lee on morning shift120512 Day 9: Andrews colourful arms and he has legs to match120512 Day 9: Magnificient Rainbow just before the squalls120512 Day 9: Squalls coming120612 Day 10: There be a whale120612 Day 10: Squall approaching120712 Day 11 Can't catch fish then we catch two120712 Recovering bruises120812 1 Darbs Birthday dinner121012 Overnight Pete clocked up new high of 17.1 only to be beaten later by Andrews 17.6121012 Armchair sailing120812 Dressed for The finish Line121012 The finish is just around that corner

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia