052912 From Gotland to Aland

051812 4 Farosund Stern to051812 5 The Gotland Flag051912 7 On anchor Svenska Hogarna 5959.19N 2006.28E too small for comfort052012 6 Rodhamn ASS Sailing Club grounds052012 7 Rodhamn Katherine on anchor052012 9 Rodhamn ASS Sailing Club House052012 11 Rodhamn Inside ASS Sailing Club Building Signing the guest book052012 12 RodhamnJust checking she is still where we left her052012 16 The navigational nightmare of the Aland Islands052012 19 Twilight052012 21 RodhamnEnjoying the sunset052112 4 Are we lost 60 degrees north052112 8 Mariehamn Street Sign052212 5 The Nautical Museum with its ties to Australia052312 6 Bike Ride Day Touring Mariehamn Watching the Ferries come in052312 8 Bike Ride Day Touring Mariehamn Watching the Ferries come in052312 12 Match race viewing from the cockpit052512 4 Might has right

We’ve had a great week and perhaps the highlight was reaching 60 degrees north and finally finding some sunshine. Though warm on shore we are still struggling with the temperature on the water whilst sailing. Still for the places we are visiting it certainly outweighs the effort of wearing so many layers of clothing. The highlight of this area would have to be visiting Rodhamn and finding Australia having a maritime history connection with the area. 

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia