060512 Stockholm to St Petersburg

053112 2 Leaving Stockholm053112 2 Tontar - Bruce the Gnome prepared for first passage053112 5 Leaving Stockholm Traffic060112 1 8am and Darbs in there somewhere060112 5 1st day of June and this is now officially summer sailing060212 2 Holiday Homes in Hanko060212 3 Holiday Homes in Hanko060212 8 Now time to put out extra lines - who changed the wind direction to the forecast060312 1b 1130pm at night and here comes the morning light060412 6a Passport control dock060412 6b Passport control dock060412 10 Haapasaari Church060412 11 Haapasaari Church060412 16 Haapasaari Another beautiful flower060512 1 Raising the Russian Flag060512 6 Fort Konstadt apparently used for test laboratory developing a cure for the Plague060512 18 Approaching Marina

A run from Stockholm to St Petersburg taking refuge in Hanko for a couple of nights to avoid unpleasant weather conditions allowed us to cover the 500 odd miles quickly and reasonably comfortably.

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia