060712 The Final Run from Klintholm to Haderslev

062912 Klintholm's local brew063012 1 The Flying Dutchman parking up063012 11 Obviously not afraid of heights063012 14 A sight to behold070112 1 Close manoeuvering070112 6 Bike Riding to Aeroskobing070112 12 Bike Riding to Aeroskobing070112 14 Bike Riding the Rise Brewery that wasnt open070112 15 Regrouping to work out the next strategy now that the brewery wasnt open070212 1 The Bonavista in the water

We managed to slow our return back to the factory by spending a few days on the island of Aero in the town of Marstal before finishing the trip of with the most pleasant anchorage of the journey.

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia