061512 St Petersburg 

060912 3 Eliseevy House of Merchants and great macaroons060912 5 Eliseevy House of Merchants061012 5 Good to see061112 1b Negotiating the St Petersburg Metro061112 2 Entry to Peter Paul Fortress local sunbaking beach061112 3 The Gas Dynamics Laboratory Museum - Space travel in our terms061112 15 The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul Tombs of the Tsars061112 16 The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul061112 28 Australia in Russian061112 30061212 1 The Hermitage and what was that about ordering tickets on line to avoid queues061212 22 Trolley Bus Number 7061312 8 The Military Museum061312 20 The Military Museum061312 25 The Military Museum061412 1 Stepping out for our last night in Russia heading to our local061412 10 Lee and Bruce - scarey to think we took a gnome to dinner061512 16 Time for the Russian courtesy flag to come down

Ten days in St Petersburg made most memorable by the people we met. 

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia