062212 - St Petersburg to Tallinn via Helsinki

061512 1 Coming alongside beautiful barge061512 20 Nells setting sun shot taken around 1130pm at night061612 2 Katherine on Anchor Haapasari061612 5 Haapasari Harbour061712 15 Heading into Helsinki Harbour061712 18 The Icebreakers061712 21 Not the best time to want to pump out061812 1 What a difference Helsinki in Sunshine061812 8 Uspenski Cathedral overlooked our marina062012 3a Heading Out of Helsinki062012 9 Sumomenlinna Maritime Fortress 1748062012 12 Sumomenlinna Maritime Fortress 1748 and the approaching Viking Ship062012 18 This was just the beginning062012 22 A new seat for Andrew062012 24 Nice swell062012 25 Time for a new flag - Courtesy flag of Estonia062112 7 Walking Old Town streets062112 17 The Market next to the Marina a Foodies Delight062112 18 Flags flying to acknowledge countries in port062112 19 Alongside Old Port Tallinn

Since leaving St Petersburg we have done many miles and barely stopped to enjoy the places that we are passing. TIme restrictions we knew were always going to make the last part of this journey less of a holiday and more of a passage but the glimpses of the places we are still seeing are still making the miles all worthwhile. 

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia