062812 Tallinn to Ystad Sweden

062112 1 Heading out of Tallinn for Sweden062212 1 Heading out of Tallinn Estonia and most likely our last Viking Ship062312 3 Trying to catch the setting sun at midnight062312 4 The Staysail looks like a body bag062312 5 Another sunset but getting earlier as we get further south 945pm062612 1 Cardinal Markers here dont always have lights and are pretty hard to pick at night062612 2 The Saloon with its new tablecloth from Finland feeling more homely by the day062612 5 Blowing 27knots and were doing 10 knots with just the jib.062612 10 Sandhamn Havn062612 15 Darb and Nell double trouble062612 16 Flowers on Sandhamn062612 17 Sandhamn Church062812 2 The Ystad Marina that we couldnt get into062812 4 The Chandlery Store - Tacker o Tag062812 6 The block has been found.062812 8 Nice to see more boats on the water than ever before must be summer062812 9 Time for a final change on this trip Sweden courtesy flag to Danish

Weather continues to dictate our movements. In Kalmar we stayed an extra night due to strong winds but today in Ystad we left for a new reason - dredging - if only a photo could capture a smell!

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia