041212 - Launch Day Sail Trials and First Anchorage


041212 2 Launch Day and check out the fog041212 14a Launch Day Leaving the dock041212 14b Launch Day Leaving the dock had to squeeze between two of these poles041212 14c Launch Day Leaving the dock041212 15 Launch Day and check out the fog041212 15a Launch Day and check out the fog Dene Andrew and John from XYachts041212 19 Launch Day and still foggy041212 20a 1230 and still the fogs not lifted and its cold041212 21 Launch Day Andrew and Halfie looking serious or is it just the cold041212 21d Launch Day More bodies041212 25 Sails Trial Photos041212 25 Signage on the Boom041212 39 Sails Trial Photos041212 52b Commissioning crew041212 53 Our Aussie Commissioning Crew - Halfie Cam Toby Lee Andrew Wendy and Dene041212 53b Beers for the boys on the home run up the Haderslev Fjord041212 54 Youd have to be keen041212 55 Houses along the banks of Haderslev Fjord at least we can see them now041212 57 The First Fuel up - takes a lot of fuel041212 58 Christianing Katherine041212 59 Christianing Katherine041212 59c TIme to Christian Katherine Moet Only041312 5 Tender testing041312 6 Tender testing041312 7 Katherine on Anchor Sandvig

Launch Day arrived with fog that was determined to stay well into the day. But with sail trials successfully completed despite an unexpected time out in some mud, the champagne was cracked and Katherine’s launch celebrated. The following day we headed out to test out the anchor and tender. Two great nights out on anchor, and very happy with how the boat has handled. 

© SV Katherine 2017      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Faro Portugal with Askari of Australia