Year 7 - 2018 -  Exploring the coastline of Spain to the border of France

With cruising time reduced for this season we opted to explore the coastline from Valencia to just north of the French border. We have to say this proved to be a great decision as we discovered some of the most enjoyable bays north of Barcelona to the Bay of Roses. White sand beaches, quaint restaurants, stunning cliffs, and often with just us and a handful of other boats on anchor at night as most returned to the neighbouring marinas. 

With this seasons sailing there is only a small section of the Mediterranean that we have not navigated but think perhaps areas such as the Almafi Coast and Cinque Terre of Italy are most likely best done by land.

We returned again to Cartagena where Katherine has spent her third winter. 

Log Distance: 22686nm 

© SV Katherine 2018      Cover Photo: Katherine on Anchor Isle Tabarca Spain